How partnering with Medichecks helped one private clinic increase revenue and gain new patients

We are currently seeing rising demand for clinic visits as people want to avoid going to hospitals and GP surgeries and prevent putting any further burden the NHS.

Bella Marsden

Fri Nov 13 2020

What do you do when 80% of your business disappears due to coronavirus?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, private clinics have seen a huge drop in business as all-but-essential health services were stopped. Now as lockdown rules ease, many people are still reluctant to leave their homes unless it is unavoidable, and private clinic services such as aesthetic treatments and travel vaccinations are still significantly reduced due to ongoing government restrictions.

This substantial drop in business has not been an uncommon problem for many businesses during lockdown and is one that JA Medical experienced first-hand. This private health clinic operating in Orpington and Maidstone specialises in occupational health, STI testing and travel health, which has almost completely halted due to Coronavirus. They explained:

“With our busiest services being travel health and children's vaccinations, coronavirus has reduced our workload by approximately 80%. There is almost no requirement for travel health and vaccinations at this time.”

Faced with such a difficult situation, many businesses have had to think on their feet and find imaginative ways to keep their businesses afloat, and private clinics in particular have had to be resourceful to gain alternative sources of income. This is where Medichecks can help.

Empowering people to better their health

Medichecks is a private blood testing company providing a range of finger-prick and venous blood tests covering everything from hormones and nutrition to cholesterol and thyroid function. Since our founding in 2002 we have processed over 5 million results for customers, delivered securely online in their own personal health portal.

We are currently seeing rising demand for clinic visits as people want to avoid going to hospitals and GP surgeries and prevent putting any further burden the NHS.  We are partnered with clinics across the UK where we send our customers for blood draws and book on average 650 appointments per week, with this number expected to increase as lockdown eases. We are currently looking to grow our clinic network to serve even more customers across the UK, helping empower more people to improve their health.

How partnering with Medichecks can help your business

For JA medical, providing phlebotomy blood draws for Medichecks offered a much-needed lifeline during difficult times. Since partnering with us over a year ago they have been able to ensure their appointment slots are filled and have been able to replace lost revenue while their traditional business declined during lockdown:

“Our appointments for phlebotomy services have increased significantly. We have carried out more Medichecks appointments than ever before and have financially gained by offering a phlebotomy service in partnership with Medichecks.”

They have also benefited from providing Medichecks tests to their clients:

“With changing times due to coronavirus, some patients are taking control of their own health while it’s still difficult to access NHS services. Medichecks provides a professional, safe and efficient service to support you to offer patients certain tests. Tests can also include a comprehensive doctor’s summary so you can be confident your clients are receiving an excellent service.”

Partnering with Medichecks is a great way to earn additional revenue whilst also reaching potential new clients. Clinics also feature on the Medichecks online clinic finder so more clients can easily search and find clinics near them.

Getting started

If you are a clinic with the skills and qualifications to provide phlebotomy blood draws and are looking to boost clinic visits and secure additional revenue, then we would love to hear from you. Getting set up with Medichecks is quick and easy and you can be accepting Medichecks appointments within a matter of days:

“The Medichecks staff are professional, efficient and friendly and the process of being set up is simple.”

Get in touch with our business development team at to find out more.