All you need to know about our nutrition tests

Sophie Lester

Thu Jun 03 2021

Nutrition Blood Test 

A well-rounded and nutrition test that measures body levels of essential nutrients along with cholesterol status to help assess whether dietary intake is meeting an individual’s needs.  

Retail price: £79.00 

Sample type: Finger-prick or venous 

Biomarkers: 11 

Key biomarkers: cholesterol status, inflammation, iron status (ferritin), magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. 

Iron Blood Test 

Iron deficiency is a common cause of fatigue. Many different factors can cause it, such as damage to the digestive tract or dietary insufficiency. This blood test measures multiple markers of iron status, including ferritin which can tell you how well the body is storing iron. High sensitivity CRP is included to help understand whether a high ferritin reading is caused by inflammation or high iron. 

Retail price: £39.00 

Sample type: Finger prick or venous 

Biomarkers: 5 

Key biomarkers: iron, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), transferrin saturation, ferritin, high-sensitivity c-reactive protein (CRP-HS). 

Diet and Lifestyle Blood Test 

This comprehensive test measures the body levels of essential nutrients and cholesterol but also gives a health assessment of the body’s major organs: the liver and kidneys.  

This can give a detailed picture on how dietary and lifestyle choices such as alcohol intake and diet are affecting the body.  

Retail price: £96.00 

Sample type: Venous 

Biomarkers: 27 

Key biomarkers: proteins, liver health, cholesterol status, kidney health, diabetes, iron status, gout risk, vitamins, muscle health. 

Advanced Nutrition Blood Test 

This comprehensive test is for those who want to get a detailed picture of the body’s nutritional status. It measures essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, zinc and magnesium, alongside diabetes (HbA1c) and cholesterol status, to uncover whether an individual’s nutrient status is optimal.   

Retail price: £109.00 

Sample type: Venous 

Biomarkers: 14 

Key biomarkers: diabetes (HbA1c), cholesterol status, inflammation, iron status, minerals and vitamins.  

Advanced Vitamin B12 (Active) Blood Test 

Many people do not get enough vitamin B12 in their diet and this can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog. Those most at risk of a deficiency are people who follow a vegan diet, those with an autoimmune disease, digestive disorders and older adults. 

This test assesses levels of active vitamin B12 to see whether any dietary changes or further testing is needed. It is a more reliable test than total vitamin B12 because it only measures the proportion of your vitamin B12, which is available to your body to use.  

Retail price: £39.00 

Sample type: Finger-prick or venous 

Biomarkers: 1 

Key biomarkers: active vitamin B12 


A Medichecks nutrition blood test could be exactly what your client needs to uncover the cause of symptoms, assess whether their diet is meeting their needs or check if a deficiency has been successfully treated. Shop our full range today, log in to order.  

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